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Welcome to the world of Gaia! Gaia is an exciting overhaul mod that adds a ton of content to your Ark experience. So far Gaia adds 283 dinos across 18 unique tiers, 32 custom structures, and 268 items/resources/equipment. Plus a lot more to come!

So join us in this amazing experience and try Gaia out for yourself! I mean who wouldn’t want a badass Tomahawk that has special abilities?! Or reusable items?! Nothing like having your grappling line snap when trying to ninja yourself out of the jaws of a hungry Rex… or running out of bolas trying to keep a speedy Heavenly Tapejara at bay. We even provide you with tranq-bolas.

If that’s not your style, then you can always use frost arrows that explode upon impact and slow your enemies down by 75%. After all that excitement and running about it’s annoying having to constantly find a water source to refill your limited slot canteen…but not with the Gaia Canteen that stores 10x the water! If that runs out, you can use a magical well that you don’t need a water vein for and can be placed anywhere to provide irrigation.
There are many unique tiers of dinosaurs & items that you can tame/craft to help you progress throughout the game, and help achieve your goals. The possibilities are endless.

Currently within Gaia there are 18 dino classes, not counting all custom and tribute creatures with special properties. The Banished provide essential materials in return for an offering, So for example if you leave rotten meat in the WolfDen they will provide you with Dreaded Rabies. These you can use to summon creatures within the Gaia Portal. All classes are colour coded and have different abilities, such as you’d often start with taming Divines as a first choice since they’re mostly Docile apart from a select few. Then you’d move on to Dreadfuls and start climbing the ladder of stronger, more efficient dinosaurs. Although beware survivors, some dinos possess special attacks! Such as life draining fires and stunning bites…

Gaia is ideal for all servers, you don’t have to have it load in first. It can be run on any map that uses vanilla spawners. PvP? PvE? We cater for both styles. Gaia is balanced and can be paired with most mods. And if you think it’s too easy/hard we’ve provided our users with the ability to customize your Gaia creature stats in your .ini settings (for more info check out the Gaia website). Bear in mind that Gaia is balanced around vanilla gameplay and the target audience is mature adults. To reach endgame tiers for items, there will be grinding involved. If you want to reach endgame content in a couple days, you are better off with other overhaul mods. With that said, Gaia can be completely customized to your liking, but expect some work to tweak it.

So what are you waiting for? Download and start playing! The world of Gaia is waiting for YOU!
Drop us a thumbs up if you enjoy this mod, and join our Discord for upcoming features/spoilers of content to come.

Download Gaia mod from Steam Workshop